Did you know that more than 70% Of the people choose the wrong type of company to Clean their carpets?

Why Do people choose the wrong carpet cleaning company ?

  •  Choose the Cheapest Quote (20% off, 50% off, 70% )
  • Don’t ask if they are trained (Carpets can : Shrink, change colour, Give a bad smelly odour)
  • Does not ask about cleaning process (We have seen customers treat stains with BLEACH & Store DIY products because that is what the other carpet cleaning company told them to do before their arrival !!!!
  •  Don’t ask how long it takes to clean. (2 bedrooms, living room and stairs takes roughly 2h, most companies do this in less than 40 minutes!!!
  • Do you do STEAM CLEANING? This is the most asked question by customers. If A carpet Cleaning Company Does ONLY STEAM CLEANING be prepared for your carpets to look the same or worse after cleaning.
  • Don’t read reviews

We have been trained to clean and remove stains by industry standard techniques and these are:

1)      Pre-vacuum with a commercial Vacuum Cleaner

2)      (Move furniture around)


4)      Pre-Agitate with a Rotary Machine (CRB), By doing this step we clean deep into the fibres of the carpet, not just the surface

5)      Extract & Rinse  Leaving your carpets Fresh & Fluffy Using our Van Mounted Carpet Cleaning Machine (Portable machine is used for flats or small jobs) A Acidic Rinse is added To Bring The Ph of the Carpet Back To Neutral.

6)      A turbo Dryer is Placed on the carpet to speed up drying times (Dry carpets in under 2h!)   If these Steps Are not Thoroughly Followed then Expect A Quick Clean & The Dirt Coming back to the Surface in 1 month.

Bellow is a carpet clean using our portable machine for a customer who lives on the 3rd floor without a Lift.